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MS police chief blasts criminals on social media: "I'm gonna getcha"

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It seems that Tchula Police Chief Kenneth Hampton has had enough of crime in his town. And he's taking to social media to send a direct message to these criminals.

WARNING: Graphic language in some posts.

According to his Facebook page, in a matter of weeks an 87-year-old man was the victim of a home invasion and a wheelchair bound man, 44-year-old Clarence Blue, was murdered. Chief Hampton made it clear on social media that he was out to get the suspects involved in the crimes.

The autopsy report showed that Blue died of natural causes, but the Tchula Police Department is investigating the case as a murder because Chief Hampton says he was attacked.

Blue was found bloodied in his wheelchair, outside his apartment in May. Hampton says his investigators have collected evidence, and witness testimonies, backing his theory Blue was killed.

"Three-foot wide puddle of blood, then there's the evidence there were blood soaked jeans, blood soaked shirt, so the whole scene said foul play," said Chief Hampton.

Blue's mother Essie says hers son told her he knew his attackers before he died. She also witnessed his injuries firsthand, and was heartbroken.

Essie Blue says her son was also confined to a wheelchair and was never a threat to anyone. She says she can't understand why anyone would want to hurt him.

Chief Hampton says he has evidence and witness statements that will back up his department's theory Blue died after being attacked.

On June 20, the Greenwood Commonwealth published an article, saying that Holmes County officials knew nothing of a homicide reported on June 16 "in a profane Facebook post attributed to Tchula's police chief".

That caught the attention of Chief Hampton, who then took to Facebook to write this open letter:

On June 23, Chief Hampton announced on Facebook "Now I'm pissed off !!!" because he gave the criminals a chance to turn themselves in, but instead they "chose to run and hide". He ended the post by giving them one last chance to turn themselves in.

Apparently time was up on June 24, because he posted again saying that the warrants had been signed and "it's about that time for that age old game of hide and seek, catch me if ya can and one of my favorites COWBOYS AND INDIANS". 

The next day, Chief Hampton posted a photo of one of the suspects, along with this colorful dialogue:

Sure enough, a few hours later he posted "GOTTEM!" in reference to the suspect, along with a warning for the suspect's accomplices, saying "YOU ARE NEXT!!!". 

Over the next few days, Chief Hampton successfully arrested two more suspects.

Police arrested 19-year-old Kajarius Anderson, 20-year-old Aavon Coffer, 18-year-old Kamechie Coffer and 17-year-old Devonte Pepper.  An arrest warrant was issued for 16-year-old Daquarius Lockett, a fourth suspect.

Chief Hampton posted this message for Lockett:

On July 4th, Chief Hampton posted a message on Facebook for Lockett's mother, who he claims is hiding his whereabouts from police.

He then posted a picture of an affidavit against the suspect's mother.

Click here for more information on this case. 

The feedback from Chief Hampton's Facebook posts has been overwhelmingly positive, despite what some have called "profane". 

Here are just some of the comments that have been left under these posts:

Sir I would like to say you are a credit to society the work you do to bring the criminals to justice and peace to your city and county is very inspiring wish there were more officers of the law like you in other counties of the state. Thank you sir for the service you provide for all your citizens.

 You, Sir, are a credit to our society ! I grew up in Tchula and still have family there! It excites me to see someone with your moral character and determination to be "our" Chief of Police! God be with you, and please be very careful! As you already know, the people you are after don't have the same appreciation for life that we do!

 It's about time a someone had enough guts to clean up what is now a dump. This chief is giving some young boys an image of a disciplined man to look up to. Stay safe and keep up the good work.


 Dang. Didn't know Trivette quit being a Texas ranger.

Congratulations on a job well done. Everyone in Tchula must be proud of you and thankful for your presence. Your dedication as Police Chief certainly raises the bar for the young adults who live there, and many of them will be grateful to you later in life.

Sir I live in alabama now but you make me proud to be a mississippian!!!!! Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for being a real law man!!!!!!

 this police chief is the greatest, he is a must follow! He calls out the criminals and then hunts them down while telling them all about it on FB!!!!

There are, however, some folks out there who think Chief Hampton's way of cracking down on the law is "horrifying" and  "inappropriate". 

This is completely unprofessional and horrifying. This young man is a human being and we all deserve more from our police department.

This post is unprofessional and absolutely disgusting. 

You are out of your place! Whatever these young men's did isn't for Facebook! You don't know if he or them did what you saying they have! You need to be looking for you a job, you got to go!!! 

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