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Solar Impulse 2 lands in Oklahoma

The Solar Impulse only travels 50 mph. (Source: KOKI/CNN) The Solar Impulse only travels 50 mph. (Source: KOKI/CNN)

TULSA, OK (KOKI/CNN) - A solar plane on a global flight that could make the record books made a stop in Oklahoma on Thursday night.

The Solar Impulse 2 landed in Tulsa after flying more than 17 hours from Phoenix.

The plane's solar-powered engines and battery back-ups run at just 10 horsepower, which translates to an average speed of around fifty miles per hour.

The pilots are attempting to set a record for the first around the world solar flight.

They are waiting for the weather to clear before heading to New York's JFK airport.

"Certainly we hope to explore architecture. I hear [New York has] a large concentration of art deco buildings here the highest concentration in the states so that's something we will do, but the barbecue is something that always does well,” said pilot Andre Borschberg.

Officials say police in Tulsa received calls about a UFO in the area last night because of the plane's unique lighting system along the wings as it came closer to the ground.

The solar-powered jet left Abu Dhabi in march of 2015, and will eventually return to the United Arab Emirates capital to complete its around-the-world flight.

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