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DA calls comments from Twin Peaks attorney "sadly inaccurate"

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A Houston attorney says 39 Twin Peaks bikers, including two he represents, have been released from their bond obligations with no charges pending - but prosecutors called his claims "sadly inaccurate". 

Houston Attorney Paul Looney said in a press release the extended term of the McLennan County grand jury expired Thursday night at midnight and the prosecutions against those bikers are "terminated by the operation of law and their cases are dismissed."

District Attorney Abel Reyna disagreed late Thursday afternoon, releasing a statement that said, "We have not filed any dismissals in any of the remaining Twin Peaks cases.  Furthermore, any McLennan County Grand Jury can hear evidence on this matter and decide to issue additional indictments."

"This is an ongoing, continuing criminal investigation," he added.

Looney represents Morgan and William English of Brenham, who are members of the “Distorted” motorcycle club that was at Twin Peaks May 17, 2015, when the shootings happened.  Nine people were killed and nearly two dozen others were injured.  

More than 180 bikers were arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, but not all those who were arrested have been indicted. 

Looney was initially quoted by the Houston Chronicle telling his clients to “pop the champagne.”

“I’m so excited about this…I can’t put it into words. I really can’t, knowing it’s over and we don’t have to worry about it is just amazing,” William English said in the news release.

The release later admits the state could present any of the biker's cases to a new grand jury and get a new indictment at any time. 

“Mr. Looney’s second statement regarding what happened today is a little more accurate."  Reyna said attorneys from both sides met with Judge Matt Johnson Thursday morning, and "we all agreed that regardless of the operation of law, the state was not prohibited from presenting the remaining cases to a different grand jury," said Reyna.

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