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Eyewitness recalls bombing at Brussel's Airport to News Channel 25

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Céline Mbutu recalls morning horror. (Source: KXXV) Céline Mbutu recalls morning horror. (Source: KXXV)

As the people of Brussels, Belgium, recover both physically and mentally from Tuesday morning’s bombing attack, one person made time to speak with News Channel 25 about her experience.

Céline Mbutu, of Brussels, recalled the horror that unfolded before her eyes. She was at the airport to drop off a friend when the blasts happened. Her friend Soraya Délicieux translated for us.

“I left my kids at home today. I could have died,” Mbutu said.

Mbutu was with her nephew, her foster mother and her friend near the American Airlines check-in counter.

Two blasts rocked the airport, minutes apart from each other.

“When I heard the second noise, I was looking for my credit card to pay. The boom was right in front of the American Airlines check in,” Mbutu said.

Mbutu said she could see the people around her covered in blood. “I was in shock. Everyone was screaming. Everyone was yelling, ‘We need to pray. We need to pray.’”

After the blasts, Mbutu said police urged everyone to leave the airport.

She described the scene as sheer chaos. Hundreds of people were running to wherever they thought they would be safe. But no one knew for sure exactly where the safe place was.

Mbutu said she followed a crowd out to the highway. When she and her group left the airport, they realized everything was upside down.

“I thought this was my last day alive. I realized that God loves me,” Mbutu said.

Mbutu was one of the lucky ones; both she and her group walked away unhurt.

To see our full interview with her, click here.

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