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Nationwide tuna recall expands, involving second company

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NATIONWIDE (KFDA) - On the heels of one massive recall comes another, as a second company pulls an even larger amount of tuna from store shelves.

Company officials with Tri-Union Seafoods say 107,000 cases of 'Chicken of the Sea' branded tuna is now being recalled for contamination issues. 

Commercial sterilization and equipment malfunction at production facilities are the same reason for both recalls. However, the location of the facilities involved are not being disclosed.

The recall notice received by retailers nationwide states that the recall was initiated after a routine inspection revealed an under-cooked product. Reports show the problem could potentially cause contamination by spoilage.

The recalled items can be identified by UPC numbers on the labels and best-by dates printed on the bottom of the cans. Product lot codes on the bottom of the cans can also be used to identify the recalled tuna. Tainted cans were sold from February 10th to March 16th.

Specific cans are the 5 oz. Chicken of the Sea, Chunk Light Tuna in Oil with a best-by date of February 10, 2019. Lot numbers are: 

* 6OA3ZSCEES           * 6OAAZSCEES


Other cans to watch for are the 5 oz. Chicken of the Sea, Chunk Light in Water. Lot numbers include:

* 6OJEBSCAEB - 2/18/19          * 6OJCBSCAFB - 2/18/19          * 6ONEBSCAIB - 2/22/19          

* 6OOFZSCAFB - 2/23/19          * 6ORDBSCAFB - 2/25/19          * 6ORABSCAFB - 2/25/19          

* 6L2CBSCAFB - 3/2/19             *6L32BSCAEB - 3/3/19               * 6L33BSCAEB - 3/3/19            

* 6L35BSCAEB - 3/3/19              * 6L3CBSCAEB - 3/3/19

Both companies involved in this week's tuna recalls say the product should not be eaten ad can be returned to stores for a full refund. Those with questions or concerns can contact a 24-hour information hotline at 1-866-600-2681. You can also find additional information on the Food and Drug Administration's website. 

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