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Heidi Cruz campaigns for husband Sen. Ted Cruz in Waco

Source: Taylor Durden Source: Taylor Durden

Just a few days before Super Tuesday, Heidi Cruz, the wife of presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, campaigned in Central Texas Sunday.

"I believe so passionately that Ted has the talent, the understanding of the Constitution and the backbone to lead this country," said Heidi Cruz.

She met with supporters Sunday afternoon at the Heart of Texas Cruz Crew Center on Lake Air Drive in Waco, urging them to go out and vote.

U.S. Representative Bill Flores and State Representative Charles "Doc" Anderson were at the event in support of Sen. Ted Cruz.

Before speaking with supporters, Cruz told News Channel 25 that she believes her husband is the best candidate because he's someone they can trust.

"People in this country are angry. They're angry that the people they have elected to Washington have not done what they said that they would do," said Mrs. Cruz. "Ted is the only one on that debate stage who, as representing 27 million Texans, has gone to Washington and done exactly what he said he would do."

Mrs. Cruz said being First Lady would be an opportunity for her to do things for others and she wants to put a focus on youth entrepreneurship.

"My background has been in business and economics," said Cruz. "I think doing something with regard to business, economics and entrepreneurship would be terrific to show our youth how important they are and how important it is that they are apart of our communities, our societies and the business world."

Mrs. Cruz said the campaign has given her a greater admiration for her husband. She added that Sen. Ted Cruz is strong and understands that politics can be a tough business.

Mrs. Cruz has recently been campaigning across Texas for her husband.

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