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WAFF Challenger video library

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For the benefit of mobile users, the following is a list of video clips pulled from the WAFF archives and bonus footage from our special report.

Challenger coverage - Jan. 28, 1986 - WAFF reports on the explosion.

Huntsville the day after - The Rocket City, still stunned following the disaster, stays resolved that the dream of space exploration will stay alive.

Randolph teacher on enthusiasm for the space program

Teacher-in-Space candidate speaks - She was one of dozens who applied, but on Jan. 28, 1986, Kathleen Beers was at Cape Canaveral cheering on the selected candidate, Christa McAuliffe.

Memorial services - A compilation of four WAFF reports on church services the weekend following the Challenger disaster.

Space museum visits rise - In the days following the explosion, hundreds of visitors flocked to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, eager to ask questions about the space program.

Water searches - Crews look for pieces of wreckage, which when collected undergo scrutiny by investigators to determine the cause of the explosion.

NASA, MSFC officials testify at post-Challenger hearings | Rogers Commission investigation

JR Thompson interview: Thompson led the Technical Response Team for the Rogers Commission following the Challenger disaster. He sat down to talk about his role on the post-Challenger continuance of the American space program.

Charlie Bolden interview: Bolden was just back from a space mission of his own, and the Challenger explosion made him briefly question his continuing role in the space program.

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