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Marlin ISD to remain open until at least 2017

Marlin ISD board meeting Nov. 17 Marlin ISD board meeting Nov. 17

 A Central Texas school district at risk of closing will remain open for another school year.

On Tuesday, the Marlin ISD Board of Trustees approved an agreed abatement order the Texas Education Agency provided to the district last Thursday.

On late September, the Texas Education Agency sent a letter to Marlin ISD officials, notifying the district it could be forced to close by July 1 after it failed academic accountability ratings for four consecutive years. Under the agreement, the district could remain open until at least 2017.

"It buys you sometime to improve your instruction and get your school better for kids. I think the community is excited about it. There is at least some reprieve and there is some time to get the instruction improved in the classrooms and learning improved in the classroom,” said Marlin Superintendent Dr. Michael Seabolt.  

Under the agreement, if Marlin ISD receives a preliminary 2016 academic accountability rating of “Improvement Required” or a preliminary 2015-2016 financial accountability rating of “Substandard Achievement,” a board of managers will be appointed to replace the board of trustees for a period of time.

The Commissioner of Education will also appoint a superintendent who could be the current one, Dr. Seabolt, or someone else.

Marlin resident Carolyn Lofton said she would not be opposed to changing management, if that helps keep the district open.

Lofton also said in the meantime the community needs to be involved in the students’ education to help them pass the next exam.

"It's a smaller victory. We need a greater victory. We need to make sure that this is a permanent solution, not a temporary one and right now it's just temporary. We have to prepare for the greater good, which is the big picture, Marlin ISD remains open indefinitely,” said Lofton.

If the district receives a 2016 final accountability rating of “Improvement Required” or a final 2015-2016 financial accountability rating of “Substandard Achievement, the Commissioner will give the district a “Not Accredited-Revoked and order its closure, under the agreement.

If the ratings are acceptable, the Commissioner of Education will re-evaluate the accreditation status for the 2015-2016 accreditation status.

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