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Marlin ISD Schools could be closed by state

The Texas Education Agency said Thursday they plan to revoke Marlin ISD's accreditation status starting July 1, 2016, if student performance doesn't improve. The TEA informed Marlin ISD's superintendent last week via letter. 

Since 2011, the school district has not met academic accountability ratings assigned by the TEA. In 2011, the district received an "academically unacceptable" rating, and in 2013 and 2014, the district received an "improvement required" rating. 

According to the Texas Education Code 19 TAC § 97.1055(d), if a school district has an unacceptable accountability ratings or financial standards for four consecutive years, the state is required to revoke it. 

Marlin ISD's Superintendent, Dr. Michael Seabolt, said he knows there's a lot of work to be done to avoid being shut down, but he thinks it's possible. 

"We've got to make some progress and it can't be two or three or four percent. It needs to be significant. We need to show them we can get a 10 to 15-percent increase in one year or more, and that's significant," said Seabolt. "You get that across multiple grade levels, now you're making hay. We have to have a haymaker."

Marlin ISD has filed for an informal review from the TEA, which Seabolt expects in the next few weeks. The district has until October 23rd to notify parents that the schools may be shut down.

"I'm confident Marlin's [schools are] going no where," said Seabolt. 

The mayor of Marlin is also working to get a "Save Our Schools" committee of parents and students together to get the community focused on the schools. 

To see a copy of the letter from the TEA sent to the superintendent, click here

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