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Local business lifts temporary restrictions for bikers

WACO, TX (KXXV) - Salty Dog Sports Bar and Grill had a temporary restriction for bikers and motorcycles since Sunday's shooting at Twin Peaks.

The business owner posted a sign on Sunday that read “No bikers and motorcycles allowed until further notice.” The restriction was lifted Thursday afternoon, but some bikers said it should have never been in place.

Daniel Wood, who has been riding a motorcycle for 10 years, says he ate at a different restaurant on Thursday after seeing that sign.

He said punishing all bikers for the actions of some is not fair and it is a form of discrimination.

“Because I choose to ride a motorcycle, I can't eat at your restaurant because of the actions of a few people. That wasn't fair. It's like saying because I practice a certain religion or my skin color is a certain color I can't eat at your restaurant,” said Wood.

Salty Dog owner Randy Crook, who had two motorcycles before, says he is not against motorcycles. However, after Sunday's shooting he feared if gangs saw motorcycles in his parking lot that could bring trouble.

"After I saw what happened at Twin Peaks, I did it to protect my customers. I heard some of the motorcycle gangs were still in town and were going to come to town. I certainly don't want them here, jeopardizing the safety of my customers,” said Crook.

Even though the temporary restriction was lifted Thursday afternoon, bikers like Wood don't anticipate going to that business again.

"I do not foresee myself, my family or any of my friends going to that restaurant for that reason of them discriminating against bikers or motorcycles,” said Wood.

Crook does not want to lose business over this but says he does not regret his decision.

"I'm going to protect my customers. I made a statement, I stand behind it. I'll stand behind it tomorrow,” said Crook.

The only policy that is still in place at Salty Dog after Thursday includes not allowing members of biker clubs to wear their colors.

Crook said this rule had been in place since he opened the business six years ago.
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