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Bell County Authorities and TABC Give Guidelines to Biker Bars

BELL COUNTY, TX (KXXV) - Understandably, law enforcement is concerned about traditional places motorcycle riders congregate, and they want to minimize the chance of another episode like what happened at Twin Peaks.

Wednesday, Bell County authorities and TABC agents met with bar owners whose businesses cater to bikers and laid out some guidelines. It wasn't necessarily welcome news for the bar owners, but it had to be done.

Jack Thompson, of Joker's Ice House Bar and Grill, employs nearly 30 people at his bar and grill in Killeen.

"We knew there would be repercussions for businesses that were biker friendly," said Thompson. "[But] this is how I pay my light bill."

He welcomes motorcycle riders to his bar, so it's not unusual to see "cuts" or the patches on biker's leather, or see them wearing colors indicating their motorcycle club affiliation, but authorities wanted to set some guidelines after Sunday's deadly shooting.

"Basically the guidance is they don't want us to have or allow people with any colors or cuts if you will in our establishment," Thompson said. "I'm not thrilled we have to do that. A lot of those people are good people and have nothing to do with the isolated few who were out of hand in Waco."

But Thompson knows that some people's current perceptions are that all motorcycle club members are gangsters.

"We don't believe that. We, being several other bar owners at this meeting and even several law enforcement, agree with that. The public perception right now is [that] that's the case."

Officers will also be doing more walk-throughs in Thompson's and other bars, but Thompson says that's always a good idea where alcohol is being served.
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