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EXCLUSIVE: Local motorcycle club president at Twin Peaks shooting speaks out

KILLEEN, TX (KXXV) - The president of a local chapter of the Booze Fighters said although his motorcycle club was detained after the Twin Peaks shooting, they did nothing wrong.

Army veteran Edward Walding said he expected a quiet Sunday afternoon when he attended a legislative at the restaurant with his club and others. When shots rang out, he couldn't see who or where they were coming from.

"All I saw was a rush of people," Walding said. "I heard about 3 or 4 gunshots and then I laid down on the ground. After that it was just people moving all through the restaurant and gunfire."

Walding said police responded in seconds.

"We were under a table and law enforcement came in, I believe it was a sheriff's deputy with an AR or M-16 wanting to see our hands, and they moved us outside," Walding said. "And they were still trying to control the crowd as we were moving outside and it was still pretty chaotic."

After the gunfire and carnage came to an end, sheriff's deputies handcuffed Walding, 24 members of his chapter and their wives. They were searched and moved to the Waco Convention Center where they were released at 4:30 a.m. Monday. Walding said his club would have never taken their wives to the meeting on Sunday if they knew the bloodshed that was about to happen.

"I'm unhappy with the situation and the way it happened. I don't feel it should have happened and I'm upset about that," Walding said.

Walding says his Booze Fighters chapter arrived early Sunday afternoon for a meeting that was to talk about laws and how they pertained to bikers. He says his club did not do anything and was not part of the violence.

A Central Texas College welding instructor with a human resources degree, Walding said many of his club's members are ordinary people who like to drink beer and have fun.

"We're just general people," Walding said. "We're like everybody, but we just like to ride motorcycles on the weekends."

The members of the chapter 78 Booze Fighters are still waiting to get their bikes and possessions back from police. Walding said his members were detained, but none of them was arrested and law enforcement was very respectful.
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