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UPDATE: New details emerge about what started deadly biker gang shooting

WACO, TX (KXXV) - In his latest briefing Tuesday morning, Waco PD Sgt. Patrick Swanton has released new details about what started the biker gang shooting that killed 9 Sunday at Twin Peaks in Waco.

There was a planned meeting Sunday afternoon of certain biker gangs, but the problem started when one uninvited gang showed up to Twin Peaks. The fight may have started when a biker's foot was run over by a vehicle. The dispute took place inside the restaurant, with fighting and gunshots, before it spilled outside into the parking lot.

Police and SWAT were already on scene and were there "within seconds", according to Sgt. Swanton. 18 Waco PD officers were there at the time of the shooting, along with four state troopers. 3 or 4 officers may have fired shots after being fired upon by the bikers. Those officers on scene were the "best trained and highest caliber officers" in the Waco Police Department.

DPS and Texas Rangers are assisting Waco PD with the investigation into the shooting, which could take months. Threats against police have "toned down", but police are still being cautious. Authorities are questioning those arrested, but they are getting varying degrees of cooperation.

The names of the 9 dead in the shooting have not yet been released, as authorities are having a hard time reaching their families.

Sgt. Swanton says most of the bikers involved are not from the Waco area.

Of the 18 bikers hospitalized, 7 of those remain in the hospital in stable condition. Those still in the hospital and the 11 already released could still face charges.

There are still 80 cars and pickups that need to be removed, along with 135 motorcycles that need to be processed. Most of those contain evidence and each tow load has a police escort.
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