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Part of marketplace re-opens, some shoppers remain wary

WACO, TX (KXXV) - Most stores and restaurants are back open in the Central Texas Marketplace. Sunday, the entire shopping center was put on lock down. Customers and employees were all sent home. The section from Cabela's to Best Buy is still closed. Everything else is open. But it's not business as usual.

Matthew and Ryan Bush are doing some contracting work at The Central Texas Marketplace. They say, "It's less busy and we know down at the salon a few doors down people have been canceling. People are afraid to come back, to come around here at all. It's been noticeably quiet. You could definitely say that."

Clearly, the people at The Central Texas Marketplace aren't scared to shop. One cited biker on biker violence.

Hayley Cox says, "It's nothing against us.  They're not trying to hurt us. They're just trying to get whatever needs to be done - done between them. I don't feel like me coming here they're just going to come and get me.  I'm fine with it."

Others are crediting authorities for their peace of mind.

Farrin DeHerrera says, “I feel like there's no reason to be scared. I feel like the police have a good grip on things and they're making us feel safe in our community."

Andy Mills adds, “"I needed to exchange some pants and I felt safe coming out, so I did.  I mean, there aren't too many people out, but I think everything's under control now."

Something else to consider – Waco Transit is not running buses to The Central Texas Marketplace or Baylor Scott and White at Hillcrest across the street.

The city hasn't decided when to resume service.  And police don't know when they'll re-open the remaining stores and restaurants.
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