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More than 100 bikers questioned after deadly shooting

WACO, TX (KXXV) - More than a 100 detained bikers were being questioned about the deadly shooting outside Twin Peaks that left nine motorcycle gang members dead and 18 injured Sunday afternoon. 

On Sunday, Waco Police asked News Channel to withhold the location where the detained bikers were being questioned. Officers released that information on Monday when the Waco Convention Center in downtown Waco was no longer being used as a processing facility.

Officers and deputies have been escorting the detained bikers inside the building Sunday afternoon and evening. At least three city buses have taken the detained bikers to the building. As some of the bikers have been taken to this building, others have been released.

Dozens of bikers were escorted outside of the buildings and into police vans. However, they did not have handcuffs when they exited the building. Bikers walked into the building without shoes as officials carried boots, belts and chains.

Waco police say they are preparing if reports for more bikers coming to the area turn out to be true.

The Waco Police Department, McLennan County Sheriff's Office, and the Department of Public Safety have been near the building making sure everyone is safe. In addition, a helicopter has also circled the area for several hours.

Eric Dyre- Borrowicz, who lives nearby, said he was scared at first when he saw the heavy police activity and bikers being escorted.

"[My first reaction was] Oh my God, don't know if someone is going to come in and start shooting,” said Dyre-Borrowicz.

Not only the streets nearby the shooting scene are closed, but also the Walmart on Franklin Avenue, which is usually open for 24 hours, shut down early Sunday night.

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