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Ft. Hood soldier pleads guilty to 15 charges in court martial for prostitution ring

FORT HOOD, TX (KXXV) - The court martial for a Fort Hood soldier who is accused of running a prostitution ring on post began Wednesday.

After nearly a year of hearings and delays, Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen is in court facing 21 charges. He pleaded guilty to 15 of those charges.

The full list of charges included attempted pandering, pandering, soliciting and patronizing a prostitute, maltreatment of a subordinate, violating orders, sexual abuse and assault by battery. McQueen pleaded not guilty to all charges except sexual abuse and assault by battery.

According to a deal made prior to the trial, the U.S. Government agreed to drop a few counts and the sexual abuse charge, but McQueen said he was innocent of assault by battery.

During a June hearing, two soldiers said McQueen recruited them and other cash-strapped female soldiers to join a prostitution ring. On Wednesday, lawyers said McQueen worked with a third female soldier to recruit women to sell themselves for money at parties he described in court as, “swinger or stripper parties.”

McQueen also admitted to having sex with the female soldier he used to help recruit other soldiers. He said he then used a picture of one of those soldiers in lingerie to entice men to pay for sex or sexual favors from the women.

The prosecution's star witness painted McQueen as a predator. She said he and another female solider invited her to the soldier's home and asked her about how she would get a man to engage in sexual acts or intercourse.

He faces a maximum total of 41 years in prison. 40 years and six months for the charges to which he pleaded guilty and an addition six months for the charge being deliberated in front of a military judge. McQueen would also be demoted two ranks and given a dishonorable discharge from the Army.

Another soldier, Master Sgt. Brad Grimes, was already demoted and reprimanded in the case.

On the stand, the witness said she was uncomfortable as the other female soldier acted out how she would get men to sleep with her and asked the witness how much money she wanted to make a night.

According to the prosecution, McQueen provided a strong alcohol and apple juice to get the witness to “loosen up.” That's when the other soldier left the room and McQueen tried to kiss the witness in multiple places on her body, according to the witness' testimony.

The defense, however, said the witness had a pattern of lying. Lawyers said her story had changed each time she was asked, either under oath or in public, each time adding or leaving out an advance.

They also brought up accusations of theft from 2013 and a seemingly shady deal done on a lease to an apartment.

Two other witnesses were called before both sides rested and the court adjourned for the day. The judge is expected to rule Thursday morning. She also has yet to accept his guilty pleas. The trial will then move to sentencing.
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