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Waco second grader hits teacher, causes concussion

WACO, TX (KXXV) - A Waco ISD second grader must go to alternative school for attacking his teacher at Parkdale Elementary. 

The teacher is recovering after she says a 7-year-old student gave her a concussion.  The incident happened in her classroom on Tuesday.

Waco ISD spokesman Dale Caffey says the student pushed the teacher and hit her in the abdomen.  The teacher reported being concussed in worker's comp paperwork.

Caffey says the boy has a history of behavioral problems and each incident has been dealt with, with the exception of last November, when he hit the same teacher the first time. 

Caffey says, "The teacher reported it.  We misplaced that documentation and that's our fault.  We did not follow up on that particular incident." 

Now the child will go to the alternative school.  Caffey praised the boy's parents. He says they have been very supportive of discipline decisions regarding their son.

Caffey says, "This is a big challenge for us right now, but we want that child to succeed just like we want the others to succeed."

The district hopes the teacher is able to return to work next week.
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