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Knife-wielding suspect killed in officer involved shooting

Julian Magdaleno Julian Magdaleno

The Texas Rangers are investigating an overnight officer-involved shooting in Bellmead that left a robbery suspect dead. DPS is calling this more of a home invasion style robbery. Thankfully none of the victims were injured. 

Julian Magdaleno was shot and killed after Bellmead police say he broke into a first floor unit at the Eagle Crest Apartments, led them on a short chase and then came after an officer with a knife.  

Daniel Rainer, who lives in the apartment, describes what happened. 

"I heard banging on the door. Well I went and looked out the peephole; I didn't recognize the guy so I didn't open it," says Rainer. "When I laid down I heard like a knife cutting through my screen window. So I got up and got my cousin out the room and I called 911."  

When Rainer went to go check the front door again Julian Magdaleno was kicking down their door.

"He busted through the door and I feel to the ground. He told to stay down, get face down and he tried to tie my hands behind my back with a shoelace. He pointed a knife at my cousin's face and said 'you know what this is and then said get on the ground, this will all be over soon I'm not going to hurt y'all."   

Police say once Magdaleno got in, he demanded the family's money and credit cards.         

When officers arrived minutes later, Magdaleno ran, leading police on a chase about a block away to the 1100 block of Dossett.          

Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper D.L. Wilson says they tried to stun Magdaleno twice, but he was able to break away and tried to attack officers.

"The officers tried everything in their being, in their power to get him to drop the knife," says Wilson. "He made a turn when an officer got close to him, about 3-4 feet, he turned around with a large butcher knife and tried to lash at the officer." 

That's when officers shot and killed him. 

Rainer and his neighbor say they aren't scared, but from now on they'll be more alert. 

"I usually sleep lighter than I slept and I thought surely I should have heard more than I did. That's the only regret I have, but no, I'm not afraid," says Linda Artis. 

"I wouldn't say I'm scared, I'm worried for my mom and my cousin," says Rainer.  

A 29-year-old knife-wielding suspect is dead after officers shot him, after a stun gun failed to subdue the man early Monday morning in Bellmead. Officers reportedly opened fire after the suspect began slashing at officers with a knife.

Bellmead PD officers were called to the Eagle Crest Apartments, located in the 4200 block of Sames, just after 2 a.m. Monday about a home robbery in progress. According to DPS Trooper D.L. Wilson, the suspect tried to tie up at least one victim in their home.

The caller reported that someone was inside an apartment there. Responding officers found the suspect, who fled on foot. Police chased the suspect on foot to the 1100 block of Dossett.

Officers reportedly used a stun gun on the suspect as he was running from the officers, but he managed to break free. As an officer approached the suspect, police say the man stopped, turned, and began slashing at the officer with a knife.

Officers then opened fire, shooting and killing the suspect. The suspect is identified as Julian Magdaleno, 29. According to jail records, he had previous arrests.

The Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.
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