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Local lawmaker, superintendent react to school funding ruling


The superintendent of one of the largest school districts in Central Texas is ecstatic, while a state lawmaker says a fix of the state's school funding system will be difficult.

Waco ISD's Dr. Bonnie Cain hopes Judge John Dietz's ruling Thursday that how Texas funds public schools is unconstitutional will finally result in some changes.

"This case has been tried many times and won many times by public schools, but somehow it never gets fixed.  I think ultimately this will be taken to the supreme court (Texas), and the supreme court will also rule in our favor," she said.

  But Charles "Doc" Anderson, (R) District 56 of Waco believes it's going to take time, and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.  "It's a shifting paradigm around the state with property value changes and to try and take that mosaic, if you would, and come up with simple solutions - a one stop fits all - doesn't work," he explained.  "It's a management of the education system each session."  

Anderson also warned people to remember it's an election year.  "You'll see a lot of suggestions and political posturing.  It's a work in progress for sure," he added.

 But Cain thinks it can get done, reminding people "Texas' future is closely tied to the success of students in its schools who are from poverty."   Waco ISD has a higher than normal percentage of students whose families deal with poverty, so the district has to provide more resources, which costs more money.

"We have to provide more resources, "but that's our job and we can have that job but it does cost money," according to Cain.   

""Every student should have equal opportunity in the state of Texas, regardless of their zip code," Anderson said. " We have to make sure each child gets an equal opportunity, but on the other hand make sure we're fair to taxpayers," the state lawmaker added.

 Cain agrees.  She says if she could ask one thing from the legislature what would it be?

 "Please equally and adequately fund our public schools!" she exclaimed.

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