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Game Day Parking Changes Upsets Some Baylor Students

WACO, TX (KXXV) - Some Baylor students are upset with the parking changes for the first football game at the new McLane Stadium on Sunday.

Seven parking areas will be closed to students, faculty and staff, so fans who bought parking passes can park closer to McLane Stadium. Three of the parking areas will shut down as early as Friday night.

Baylor University spokesperson Lori Fogleman said there will be enough parking for everyone. However, some students are not on board with the changes.

On Wednesday, Baylor staff placed signs reminding students, faculty and staff to vacate these parking areas to avoid getting ticketed or towed.

Students who have parking permits will have to move their cars to a garage on the east side of campus or park at open on-campus spots.

For students like Caroline Carpenter, the change is inconvenient because she parks close to her dorm.

“We pay to go here and other people are buying a ticket for one day. I think it would be a little fairer if we parked over here,” said Carpenter.

"This is not something that Baylor does,” said Fogleman. “This is something other universities do as well: clearing parking lots, clearing out parking garages before game day, so it is not new to other universities. Right now, it is just new to us and we will get used to it pretty quickly."

Fogleman said parking data from past game days show, there will be enough parking.

For the past two years, on gameday, nearly 910 cars parked at three campus garages. There will be nearly 1,200 spots at the east campus garage and 1,400 more spots at parking lots.

Some students may just have to walk a little further.

Fogleman said parking monitors are trying to be understanding before ticketing anyone. However, in the future students may pay $50, if they get a citation.

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