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Local fire chief still fighting TxDOT for safer roads

HILL COUNTY, TX (KXXV) - A small town fire chief is taking on the Texas Department of Transportation over what he says are unsafe road conditions.

The Mount Calm Fire Chief has been the driving force behind resolving those road construction problems in and around his town. TxDOT says they're working on some of those problems but the fire chief still isn't happy.

The cars driving along this stretch of highway have rubber meeting the road in more ways than one.

Part of westbound Highway 31 is so bumpy cars and big rigs bounce off the ground as the speed by at 75 miles per hour.

Mt. Calm Fire Chief Milton Stuckly says locals call that stretch the rub board"

“You can actually hear when the tires go off and they hit and you can see the black marks where they're at,” says Stuckly.   

After we aired our story in June TxDOT reached out to Chief Stuckly.

TxDOT spokesman Ken Roberts says they're making progress.

“Our regional office has been in contact with him and discussed the issues they were concerned with him and we've been able to begin some work based on his concerns.”  

Since then, they've lowered the speed limit on the “s” curve coming into town from 60 to 35 miles per hour. Tuesday, TxDOT will begin repaving that stretch of road.

He says a more extensive project which cost upwards of a million dollars is likely in the next five years.

“In the meantime this work is remedial and it's work that will allow us to again to have a smooth surface but it's one that we'll have to monitor and work with over time,” says Roberts.

However, Chief Stuckly still isn't satisfied.

“I appreciate what they did there but we still have a long way to go,” says Stuckly.  

He wants TxDOT to straighten out the "s curves" and replace a yellow flashing light at a four-way stop where fm 339 meets highway 31.

But Roberts says not all of Stuckly's requests are possible.

“We have not changed the geometrician of the roadway but we looked at that and we're satisfied with what we have,” says Roberts. 

Last week Stuckly hit the road and started a petition for TxDOT to hold a public forum so residents and travelers can voice their concerns.

“My number one objective is safety, the safety of the people, the safety of the fire department and the safety of the ambulance personnel,” says Stuckly.

A spokesman for TxDOT says they're more than happy to meet with the public.

We will continue to stay on top of this story and keep you updated on when or if that meeting is held and anymore changes to the roads.

Click here to contact TxDOT with question or concerns about roads near you.

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