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Several Fire Hydrants in Valley Mills Still Out of Commission

VALLEY MILLS, TX (KXXV) - Fire hydrants in Valley Mills were still out of order on Monday, after months of being out of service.

According to the Valley Mills volunteer fire Chief David Fisk, he asked the city repeatedly to fix the problem. However, they are still not repaired and working.

Mayor Jerry Pierce said the city approved a project to address this issue. The city engineer is currently evaluating what needs to be repaired. After this, the city will receive bid proposals for the project.

Fisk said five out of the 40 fire hydrants in Valley Mills have not been working since March.

Two of them are located near the Valley Mills Elementary School.

Pierce would like the problem to be fixed before the year starts.

This is a hope Edi Stieber shares. She has a child and three grandchildren in the elementary school.

"I don't want anything to happen to them,” said Stieber. "If there was a fire that my kid wouldn't be able to get out or taken care of."

If a fire happens near the school and two fire hydrants are out of commission, firefighters would need to shut down Highway 6 to reach the closest fire hydrant.

Fisk said if they use the hydrants across the street, they would not be able to pump enough water and this could collapse the pipes.

Another option would be using a fire hydrant behind the school, but it could take firefighters longer to lay down a hose and set up.

"That is extra manpower and time consuming, so if there is somebody trapped in the building that is a huge concern,” said Fisk. “If a building burns down, it can be built back, if a life is lost, it is gone.”

One non-working fire hydrant is near a nursing home. The other one is near a Dollar General store and there is even one in a residential area.
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