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SUV smashes into Waco home, suspect on the run


Two Waco residents are left picking up the mess after a car drives off the road and into their home early Friday morning. It happened at the corner of 20th and Marshall before 1 a.m.

The two men inside the home say hours later, they are thankful it didn't take a turn for the worst.

"Thank God I am alive. I think the couch saved my life," Will Anthony said.

The Anthonys say they heard a loud screech coming from outside their home. But before they could check to see what happened, the car had already jumped the curb, drove through the yard, and smashed into their home.

"I just hear a squeaking noise. I thought someone got hit or something. Soon I know that the car was in my living room," Anthony said.

Will Anthony was laying down on his couch when the accident happened. He says the impact of the car was so big, he somersaulted off the couch and hit his head on some furniture.

"My head was bleeding it was dripping out blood and my dad told me to call 911. I called 911 and they came and they had to kick down the door because the door was jammed," Anthony said.

Anthony says that before he was about to call police for help, the suspect spoke to him.

"He was asking us questions like 'are we alright?' 'Do we have kids in the house?' And I said 'No' Soon enough he was gone," he said.

Now a gash to his head and six stitches later, he and his father are left with a home with no electricity, no gas, and a really large mess.

"I am kind of upset you know. You know I can always get a brand new TV and couch," Anthony said. "Thank God with my life."

Police detained a person of interest at the scene, but let him go. They say the suspect in the car is still on the run.

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