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Some Baylor Students Disagree with Tickets Policy Changes

WACO, TX (KXXV) - Some Baylor University students disagree with new football ticket policies that will go into effect this fall at the new McLane Stadium.

They will use an online system to reserve the 8,500 available for the 12,000 students at Baylor. However, they could get penalized if they do not attend a game, or if they transfer or resell a ticket.

Students must return tickets two days before the game to avoid penalties. Those who do not give back the tickets will only have five days to reserve their tickets for the next game. Normally, students can reserve their tickets six days in advance.

There are some exceptions to the rule, for example a student getting sick the day of the game.

If students attempt to transfer a ticket, they will not be able to reserve tickets for two home games.

Baylor University senior Allison Fernandez doesn't agree with the policy changes.

"I think they are too harsh. I think it is not fair having to miss a game because you gave your ticket away to someone or because you didn't show up for a game,” said Fernandez.

Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogleman said the university wants to make sure every student gets a chance to enjoy the games.

“We reserved these premium seats for our students and it is all about maximizing opportunities for our students,” Fogleman said. “If someone buys a student ticket in the secondary market, they would be disappointed."

If a students attempt to sell tickets, they will not be able to reserve tickets for the remainder of the season.

Fogleman said Baylor staff drafted these policies, taking into account student's input. She said one of the suggestions included priority reservation for seniors. These students can reserve tickets for the homecoming game and the final game of the season two hours before everyone else.

Fernandez said this is not enough because 2,800 out of the 8,500 tickets will be reserved for freshmen.

Students will be able to start reserving tickets on Aug. 24.

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