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Central Texas Tea Party protests Illegal Immigration in Temple


While lawmakers in Washington grapple with the tens of thousands of illegal minors crossing into the United States, a local group of Tea Party activists tried to spur local officials to take action.

The Central Texas chapter of the Tea Party protested in front of Temple city hall Thursday afternoon. They presented the city council with a resolution asking the city officials to demand federal agencies to enclose the U.S.-Mexico border and strengthen existing immigration and human trafficking laws.

"We thought it was time our government starts following the law," said CEO of Central Texas Tea Party, John Coleman. "We have laws on immigration that they should follow, illegal immigration means illegal."

The resolution also calls for the abolition of any tuition-subsidies, welfare benefits and other programs the group described as "magnets that exacerbate the the problem of rampant illegal immigration."

Protesters held signs calling for the deportation of all illegal immigrants in the state of Texas because they blame a rise in disease, crime and unemployment rates, on an influx of illegal immigrants since the passage of new immigration legislation in 2012.

"I would close the borders completely. I would deport all illegals and make them follow the laws as they were," Coleman said. "If they've been here they need to pay their fines. Breaking the law is breaking the law."

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