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Belton residents asked to register surveillance cameras to help out police

BELTON, TX (KXXV) - Belton police are asking for residents to help prevent and solve crimes by registering their outdoor surveillance cameras.

The Video Partner Program will create a database to help detectives locate video cameras when investigating leads.

Often times, police already know if there are surveillance cameras in an area with commercial buildings. This program will give them that same access in neighborhoods.

If there’s an incident or a burglary in an area where there’s commercial buildings, a lot of times police officers will know if cameras are nearby.

“This will just provide a database in neighborhoods so that, if there is a burglary, they can go to the database and see if there’s any cameras that seen a vehicle pass by or a potential suspect,” explained city official Paul Romer.

However, police will not have direct access to the cameras. If they receive a lead about a crime in a neighborhood, they will have to request footage from homeowners.

Romer said this is just another way for citizens to get involved with fighting crime.

“Our police department has been very proactive about using technology, and this is just another example of partnering with community members to use technology to deter crime, and when it does happen, to solve crimes.”

To sign up to become a part of the Video Partner Program, visit the registration page at
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