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Construction crew may not have had permits before damaging water line in Bell County


A Pursur Construction company crew may not have had permits before they dug and struck a water main just outside Belton Saturday.

According to the Bell County Engineer's Office, companies must submit for permits before beginning work, but the office did not have any permit for the crew on file. The county's head engineer, Bryan Neaves, said permits may have been filed with the city of Temple's permit and licensing office because some of the land falls within Temple city limits.

According to a city spokesperson, Temple did not have any permits on record for the specific incident. Temple city engineers did approve the entire Shilo Terrace subdivision project, but full approval from a Bell County judge is needed. It is unknown whether the crew was approved by a judge.

The Water Control and Improvement District's general manager, Jerry Atkinson, said an investigation is underway to find out what caused the accident, but added he would not answer any more questions until the investigation was over.

"Those responsible will be held responsible," Atkinson said. "But, I am sure the taxpayers will not suffer the loss on this."

Construction crews are also bound by Texas state law to call the non-profit corporation Texas811 before digging. The corporation notifies crews of underground lines and water mains before they begin digging.

The accident caused the loss of an estimated 29 million gallons of water and left thousands without drinkable water.

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