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New business offers realistic training for gun owners

WACO, TX (KXXV) - Face to face with a criminal and a weapon, its a situation no one wants to be in. But are you prepared for that encounter, even if you have a gun of your own? One Waco business believes they have found a way to fix this problem.

In the past year, the number of Texans with concealed handgun licenses is growing. More than 10,000 new licenses were issued in Central Texas just in 2013.  With more guns in more hands, safety has become a big concern for law enforcement officials.

"You can't as a civilian be expected to have the expertise that your law enforcement to have as to not only to be able to shoot your weapon properly, but when to shoot that weapon," McLennan County Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon said.

Knowledge of when to use a gun and having the reactionary skills in an intense moment is something Billy Hughes hopes to accomplish at his business, H-5 Tactical. Instead of training shooters with paper targets, his fire arm training simulator immerses a concealed handgun owner in a real life confrontation. It's so realistic that  even in hostile situations,  the bad guy shoots back.

"It will give you a little  adrenaline dump and surprise you, scare you. Put you in that mindset that you would be in during one of those hairy situations," H-5 Tactical owner Billy Hughes said.

The training simulator offers real life scenarios for the average person. Hughes hopes it helps them prepare for any situation before it's too late.

"It is one of the most significant training tools that has been created and it does put you in hairy situations without putting you in the danger of that hairy situation," Hughes said.

Hughes said preparation is important, and practicing those intense situations is important. After working in law enforcement for more than a decade, he understands a shooter's focus is the difference between protecting your home or making a situation worse.

"You don't want panic mode to set in. You want to have some skills already practiced and muscle memory and to acquire your sight picture and make good shoots and think about your child's bedroom on the other side of the bad guy," Hughes said.

Local law enforcement is familiar with this simulating system, especially at the McLennan County Sheriff 's Office. They own a similar system, and know that a staged scenario teaches a handgun owner invaluable skills

"It is not just knowing how to shoot a weapon. It is more knowing when to shoot and when not to," Cawthon said.

Hughes hopes to open another business in Killeen in the future, and says his overall goal is to make sure that as the number of gun owners grow, they become more knowledgeable in the process. For more information about H-5 Tactical and to schedule an appointment to try out the simulator, click here.
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