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Local woman wants to help homeless immigrant children

TEMPLE, TX (KXXV) - A local woman wants to help homeless immigrant children crossing the U.S. border by securing a shelter for them in Temple.

Janie Valencia says she believes it's her job to help these children because they cannot help themselves. She says the images of the homeless immigrant children pouring across the border has touched her so deeply, and she can't just sit back and do nothing.

Although Central Texas does not currently have an issue with immigrant children, Valencia and her family want to make sure the area is capable of accommodating them before they arrive.

"We want to also get the ball rolling for a shelter for when we do start seeing children come through our community," said Valencia. "We don't want to see them on the streets, we want to see them sheltered. These are not my children, but it's not easy for me to look the other way."

Valencia says she first wants to focus on finding donation sites, then eventually open a shelter. Kids need clothes, diapers, food, clean underwear, and sheets. The donations will be given to a shelter in Laredo and San Antonio.

Valencia is looking for people and organizations to help her with this project, and says it's time to help the kids because they are the victims.

"We as mothers and fathers need to pull together on this. Have a heart for our children, have a heart for humanity. If we don't have humanity, where is our world going?"
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