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Local man arrested for harassment after fiancee discovers his murderous past

MCLENNAN COUNTY, TX (KXXV) - After changing his name and moving halfway across the country, a local man is back in jail for harassment. 

Jovan Collier is charged with three counts of harassment. He was booked in the McLennan County Jail Saturday after his former fiancee and two other women complained he was harassing them. However, it's his past crimes that have concerned local authorities. 

The Sheriff's Office says Collier's former name is Peter Zimmer. When he was 14, Zimmer pled no contest in Wisconsin to killing his whole family: his father, mother and younger brother. However, due to laws that have since been changed, Zimmer could not be tried as an adult and was sent to a juvenile detention center. When he was 19, Zimmer got out of jail. 

Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon says Zimmer then legally changed his name to Jovan Collier and moved to Florida. He then went to prison again for stalking a woman. Cawthon says the prison sentence came after he mailed a dead pig to a woman. 

After the sentence, Cawthon says Collier moved to Texas and started dating a woman. At some point, though, the woman's friend was watching a show called "I dated a Psycho." That episode profiled Collier's case and the woman saw her friend's fiancee on the show. She then called the woman, and she broke off the engagement. 

Cawthon says Collier kept trying to contact the woman, as well as two other women and that's why he's been charged with harassment. Cawthon says it's rare they get a chance to prevent a crime, but investigators believe they may have done so in this case by putting Collier in jail before he possibly could have hurt the women or harassed any more women. He says they know what this man is capable of and they want to do all they can to protect these women. 
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