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Log jam causes concern in Coryell County

CORYELL COUNTY, TX (KXXV) - A log jam in the Leon River has some folks in Coryell County worried.  There's quite a buildup of trees and other debris pushing up against bridge supports on Mother Neff Parkway in Mother Neff State Park. 

Park Superintendent Leah Huth says, "Even though it is a natural event, the fact that this is the first state park in the Texas state park system, we want to keep this as pristine as we can."  

The log jam was caused by a combination of drought, flooding and steep banks.  It's a problem for boaters and fishermen, not to mention an eyesore for park patrons.  Even some folks who drive across the bridge are worried, but TxDOT leaders say they shouldn't be. 

TxDOT Public Information Officer Ken Roberts says, "Oh the bridge is sound. It's a 1950's era bridge that's been inspected every two years. It was inspected in 2012. It'll bere inspectedd again this fall."  

TxDOT actually plans to replace the bridge in 2017 with one that's taller and wider.  In the meantime, they're doing what they can to protect the current structure.  But it's tougher than it sounds.  

Workers can't use fire because the wood is water logged.  And the banks are steep. 

Huth says, "You can only get your equipment so close to the edge of the bank and then you can only get so far down. They [TxDOT] try very hard to keep up with it, but sometime's Mother Nature just gets the best of all of us."  

Because this is an ongoing issue, Huth says if anyone is willing to lend a hand or piece of equipment to help with log removal, they'll take it.  

Anyone interested can call the Mother Neff State Park office at (254) 853-2389.

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