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Family members claim Waco woman had motive in 2008 murder

Yalando Renee Lind Yalando Renee Lind
WACO, TX (KXXV) - The surviving victim of a brutal attack who was stabbed and left for dead, took the stand on Wednesday. Rebecca Leonard's boyfriend, Jerry Patterson, said he had a bad nightmare that night, and knew he was going to die.

Patterson and Leonard had dated for eight months starting in 2008, eventually moved in together, along with Leonard's daughter Yalanda Lind. He said Lind did not get along with her mother, and months before the murder he told Lind she had to move out of the house.

The night of the home invasion Patterson recalls locking all the doors in the home before going to bed. Late that night he heard screams in the hallway, got out of bed and found his girlfriend Rebecca dead on the floor.

Patterson was then attacked from behind and stabbed multiple times in the back chest and stomach. He said the knife went deep enough to puncture his lung. He was left for dead, but was able to escape the house and go to a neighbors home for help. 

Patterson says before he escaped he could hear Yalanda having a conversation with the murderer, Jeremy Lowery. He says he heard Lowery  demand money from Lind.

Other family members who testified said they've had suspicions about Lind since the night of the murder. One person close to the family said she felt the evil inside Yalanda when she stood near her days after the attack.

The executor of Rebecca Leonard's will spoke about the unusual behavior Lind showed immediately following the attack. Charlene Kirby said Lind called her the night of the murder to say her mother was dead. Kirby says over the phone, and later in person, Lind didn't show any emotion or remorse when talking about her mother's death.

A relative to the victim Jerry Patterson says she spoke to Lind at the hospital the night of the attack. She says Lind told her "he killed the wrong one." A day later a group of family members went back to the house and found Lind inside cleaning the blood covered carpet and walls with her young child. One family member says Lind even wanted to show the family where her mother was killed.
The unusual behavior continued at Leonard's funeral where Lind stood in front of her mother's casket and showed everyone a scratch near her neck. Several people were concerned that Lind was involved in the murder, and didn't include her in the sale of her mother's estate.

The trial is expected to continue Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m.
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