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Fake DEA agents scamming people out of thousands

WACO, TX (KXXV) - More than $800,000 has been stolen from American wallets and put into the hands of Dominican con artists. 17 of those online prescription scammers have been arrested, but the threat still exists.

The scam is known to start when the victim buys foreign-produced prescription drugs online. These drugs are known to be sold at a significantly lower price, and people looking to save money tend to buy them. The suspects then find a way to get the purchaser's information, and call them as fake DEA agent.

The impersonating official will claim the victim broke the law, and must pay a fine or they will go to jail. They will tell the victim to buy a temporary debit card, and transfer the money to them over the phone. The money becomes untraceable and the victim loses out on thousands.
DEA officials say that if you were in legal trouble, they would not tell you over the phone.

"If law enforcement have a fine or something like that they would notify you in person. They would require you to appear in an office or a court of law where you would then have to make a payment," DEA special agent Steve Robertson said.

Many in Central Texas, have received calls from a fake DEA agents.

"They find a known DEA name for example the DEA head of a Houston office, Dallas, San Francisco, something like that. Use a name that is in the internet and they call up claiming to be a DEA agent," Robertson said.

One person in Killeen lost $18,000 when he was told his wife broke the law and bought her drugs online.

"He panicked. He cleared out his life savings. He is retired military in the Killeen area," Robertson said. "They contacted me, I contacted him, and told him this is a scam. Quit giving this money to the scam artist."
If you think you have been targeted by this scam or scammed already, you can help the DEA fight this problem. There you can fill out a questionnaire telling the DEA about your encounter with a scammer. That way they can get the scammers off the streets and behind bars.

"You just have to have a red flag go up. You should always confirm who is talking to you and there is ways to do that," Robertson said.
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