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TCEQ investigation looks to stop illegal dumping in Bellmead

BELLMEAD, TX (KXXV) - Illegal dumping has been an eyesore in the City of Bellmead for years, and something may finally be done now that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is involved.

More than two years ago, News Channel 25 told you about one resident's fight with the city over illegal dumping. Now that same man, Toby Monrrial, has taken his complaints to environmental authorities, who slapped the city with multiple violations.

"The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has put the boot on city hall’s butt to do something,” said Monrrial.

For years, the worst area has been behind Pickens Auto Parts, where scrap car parts have overtaken city property. Monrrial says it needs to be cleaned up because the mounds of junk are a matter of public safety. “My concern is for the West Nile Virus and the way it might affect the elderly in  the area.”

The TCEQ investigator who came out noted hundreds of tires and even junk cars lined up along city property. That same property was supposed to be used for something much different.

“This area known as the Park Avenue, in the Bellmead court, was dedicated and given to the public. Which was meant for everyone to use as a public park, and the city’s leadership over the years has just allowed it, as you can see to become a junkyard,” said Monrrial.

Bellmead City Manager, Bo Thomas, says they will contest the TCEQ violations, claiming the area is so overgrown, they don't know where the business' property ends and the city's begins. Thomas says the cleanup shouldn't be the city's or taxpayer's responsibility, but Monrrial doesn't agree.

"The city council members looked the other way, the Bellmead Police Department has looked the other way because they don’t want to have to pay to have the area cleaned up,” Monrrial said.

Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the hearing, and if the city loses the appeal, they may have to pay for the clean up too.

Click here to view the full TCEQ report.
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