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Local Veteran Reacts to Iraq Crisis

FORT HOOD, TX (KXXV) - President Obama made a decision Thursday on how to help Iraq deal with the Muslim Extremist group I.S.I.S. (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) rampaging through the region.

That group has taken over several cities, including one of the largest in that country, Mosul.

“We’re prepared to send a small number of additional American military advisors, up to 300, to assess how we can best train, advise and support Iraqi security forces going forward,” President Obama said.

As I.S.I.S. forces make their way to the capitol city of Baghdad, some U.S. veterans who served in the embattled country are frustrated with the latest turmoil.

Jason Voss served four tours in Iraq, and says he disagrees with the President.

“If we were going to end up in this mess, we should have stayed and finished the job completely,” Voss said. “Making sure the Iraqis and the Kurdish were fully prepared to take over the role of defending their own country."

President Obama so far has not responded to requests from the Iraqi government to use air strikes against the insurgents. He has also said that he has no intention of deploying combat troops.
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