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Blake Hyland thanks doctors who saved his life

CENTRAL TEXAS, TX (KXXV) - Less than six months after a crippling accident, a McGregor teen was back in the hospital, but this time he was on his feet.

Blake Hyland returned to Baylor Scott & White at Hillcrest Saturday to acknowledge the work of the doctors who helped him immediately after the accident.

“I came here to thank everybody because they did a great job at saving my life,” says Blake.

Standing in an emergency room, the 15-year-old and his parents came face to face with the doctors and nurses who saved his life. It was a sight to see because just four months ago, Neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Wright and other physician’s thought that would be nearly impossible for Blake to ever do again.

“I really wasn’t sure how well Blake would do, to be perfectly honest,” says Dr. Wright. “I wasn’t sure if he would survive and if he did, I wasn’t sure that he’d wake up."

After emergency brain surgery, Blake spent weeks in a coma, before finally waking up and defying all odds staked against him. Since that day, his parents Pat and Cindy Hyland say they’ve been looking forward to coming back.

"Knowing where he started and being able to come back here where Blake wasn’t expected to live, much less walk to come back here and thank the physicians and the nurses that saved his life was probably one of the most gratifying things we could ever think of doing,” says Pat Hyland.

Those doctors and nurses then thanked Blake in return for proving them wrong.

“It’s nice to see that what we do actually does seem to make a difference in cases like this,” says Dr. Wright. “Too often we don’t get a chance to see them in the long-term follow-up and it’s very rewarding and it’s very satisfying and it’s also just thrilling to see him making the progress that is.”

Though Blake still has a long road of physical therapy ahead of him, his mother Cindy says he continues to remain positive.

“He never says I don’t want to go, I don’t want to do that. He’s always okay let’s go what are we doing and he’s joking around with the therapist, he’s motivating the other students that are there, the other kids and everybody just really loves him for his positive attitude.”

His parents say that same attitude is what continues to inspire them and everyone Blake meets.

“Blake’s determination, his perseverance and everything he does has got him to where he is,” says Cindy. “It’s what gets us going and keeps up getting up in the morning because I know you’re going to work really hard. And he has full restoration on his mind, nothing less and he wants everything to work just back where it used to and he’s working hard to do that.”

Blake says he will never give up on working to be able to do all thing things he did in the past, including performing his magic card tricks and gymnastics.

Sunday June 22, former American Idol Contestant Holly Tucker will hold a benefit concert to raise money to help pay for Blake’s hospital bills.

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