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Local teachers not aware of statewide teacher survey

Despite lobbying for the "Tell Texas Teachers Survey" for years and an extended deadline, many local teachers didn't participate.

Some teachers are saying they didn't even know about the survey. A teacher from La Vega ISD who didn’t want to reveal her name, said she learned about the survey from watching Wednesday’s News Channel 25 report.

This was the first year the statewide study was given to districts.

By law, principals were required to give all teachers the website and code to fill out the survey.But some local teachers say they were never made aware of the survey.

At least one La Vega ISD teacher says the survey is a great idea and more teachers would have participated had they known about it.

“Most of the people who are making decision about schools and what we need to be doing in schools are only people that have attended schools," says a La Vegas ISD teacher. " They’ve been in schools but they’ve never been there on the side where you’re a teacher, where you’re a administrator. They don’t really have any clue what’s going on.’ 

State lawmakers are hoping to collect data about important education issues like access to resources, class sizes and standardized testing among other topics.

“We’re doing more and more testing, and less and less teaching. We have more administrative work duties put on us all the time," says a La Vega ISD teacher. "You know, most teachers at my school were there until at least five or six o’clock sometimes and most of us all go back up on the weekends and work and you know. So there’s just a lot of stuff that’s being added but nothing is ever taken away.”

Most schools in the State fell way below the 50% participation rate and others like La Vega, Troy and West Independent School districts had zero teachers take the survey. At last check (Friday), those numbers hadn’t changed much.

“Teachers do need a voice and I think we need to be heard and I think people need to really listen to the people that are in the trenches,” says the anonymous teacher. 

Click here for link to Tell-Texas Teachers Survey Website to see how many teachers in your district participated.
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