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Legionella bacteria found in Temple VA building

TEMPLE, TX (KXXV) - While doing routine testing, the Temple VA has found Legionella bacteria in one of its buildings, though no cases of Legionnaires' disease have been detected.

According to a release from Department of Veterans Affairs Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, the Temple VA was following a VA directive to do annual testing for Legionella bacteria, and four rooms in the Wings B and D of the Community Living Center, building 221, tested positive for Legionella pneumophila serotype 1.

They also tested the Outpatient Mental Health building, building 147, Vocational Rehabilitation building, building 158, the Teague Tower, building 163, the Domiciliary, building 202, Wings A and C of the Community Living Center, building 221, and those tests came back negative for Legionella bacteria.

Two sinks in the Outpatient Mental Health and Music Therapy building, building 146, had low levels of non-pneumophila Legionella, which rarely causes disease in adults, according to the release.

Teague Hospital, building 204, was tested and they are awaiting test results.

Residents of the Community Living Center and their families have been or are going to be notified of the positive test results. Workers at the Temple VA are on the lookout for signs and symptoms of the Legionnaires' disease.

The VA recommends that patients displaying symptoms should have a same day urine test to rule out the disease.

There will be town hall meeting set up in Temple, where the Director of Chief of Infectious Disease will be there to answer questions and concerns for their employees.
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