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Students take prank too far, briefly detained

BARTLETT, TX (KXXV) - It was a senior prank gone wrong. Now more than half the senior class at Bartlett High School, about 20 miles south of Temple, is in hot water. The school board held an hour and a half emergency meeting, where they determined whether or not the students should be punished for the prank.

School officials say 18 members of the senior class somehow got into the school overnight. They trashed the main hallway and the high school administration office with streamers, loose paper, and confetti scattered everywhere. The walls were also sprayed with shaving cream, but after surveying the the school, officials say the damage could have been much worse.

"There was no damage to school property. There was no theft of any type. It was just more or less a school prank that got out of hand," Bartlett ISD school board vice president Michael Wright said.

Early Thursday morning some students were detained by authorities, and were asked to give a written statement. They were later released to their parents. The police chief of Bartlett says his department is no longer involved in the case, and no formal charges have been filed against the students.

Those 18 students weren't let off the hook that easily, as punishment, the school board decided to call the kids back to the school to clean up the mess they made. The school board says all 18 seniors will cross the stage when they graduate, and they won't be given further punishment. School board members say no they couldn't punish the students more than they did because there is no straight-forward policy to address the issue. They plan to address and change the policy by next school year, so students are aware of the consequences.

"There can be ramifications of some of your pranks if they get out of hand and they need to understand some of those consequences can follow you for the rest of your life. So it is really best to leave those pranks alone from now on," Wright said.

Along with changing the policy, the board says they will work with the Bartlett Police Department to talk to the other high school students about the pranking issue as well.
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