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McLennan County jury sentences man to death for killing wife

WACO, TX (KXXV) - A McLennan County jury sentenced a man to death Tuesday.  That man, Carnell Petetan Jr., shot and killed his estranged wife, Kim, back in 2012.

Tuesday started with the prosecution and defense making their final summations and ended with family members reading their victim impact statements to Petetan after his death sentence.

In the end, prosecutors and defense attorneys made the jury a focal point of the case.

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna says, "We want to thank them for their time and their careful consideration of all the evidence and we're extremely pleased with their verdict."

Defense attorney Russ Hunt says, "I think the jury disagreed with us.  We believe that Carnell is mentally retarded and they didn't.  Or they thought he's mentally retarded but not enough to avoid giving him the death sentence, which is not the law."   

Kim's family was pleased with the verdict.

Her sister Tammy Ingraham says, "Maybe she can rest in peace now, but it won't bring her back."

Her other sister, Brenda Shepherd says, "I am so thankful they did not give him a life sentence.  As we all know, that's where he grew up, both the prosecution and defense said that's where he grew up, that was his home."  
Petetan didn't show any emotion Tuesday.  The same can not be said for his dead wife's family.  Kim's son said the justice served will help him overcome the anger he feels now.  He looked at Petetan and said, "You got what you deserved.  The next time I see you, it'll be the last time you see anybody."

Kim's 11-year-old daughter also took the stand.  She told Petetan he took the most important person in the world from her. 

Although family members say the punishment did bring them some closure, all death sentences are automatically appealed here in Texas so this isn't the last we've heard of Carnell Petetan Jr.
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