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Daughter of murder victim takes stand in Petetan trial

On Thursday, the 11-year-old daughter of Kimberly Petetan took the witness stand to testify about seeing Carnell Petetan shoot and kill her mother right in front of her.

The girl, who was 9-year-old at the time her mother was shot, gave detailed testimony about the day back in 2012, when she said Petetan forced his way into their home and later kidnapped her after her mother was killed.

At times, she could barely speak as the state asked her questions surrounding the day her mother was killed. She said Petetan busted into their home on September 23, 2012, at the Landing Apartment Complex in Waco, then pulled out a handgun, threatening Kimberly to do what he said.

She testified that Kimberly and Carnell fought a lot because she didn't do things his way. While they were trapped in the home, Kimberly made an attempt to get them both out the front door, and that's when Petetan shoved Kimberly into a wall, telling her, "it's time to dust you."

The 11-year-old said that Petetan shot her mother 3 times right in front her, and she fell to the ground, and began moving like a fish. She told the jury that Petetan then drove her and two other men, who had been in the home, to Bryan, before he was stopped and arrested by police.

One of those two other men also testified Thursday, telling the jury that he was witnessed Petetan shoot and kill Kimberly, and that he believed he was next.

As Petetan sat in court, he could be seen wiping away tears as the little girl gave her emotional testimony.

The state has rested it's case, and the trial is set to resume Monday morning.
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