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Police look to control off-campus activities during Baylor holiday

WACO, TX (KXXV) - It is supposed to be a fun Baylor holiday for students, but the past few years some unruly, destructive behavior forced police to beef up security. Police say they are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior.

Baylor students celebrate the annual holiday known as Diadeloso, the day of the bear. It's a chance for students to let off some steam before finals, but in some cases students have taken the fun too far.

In the past, off-campus events have gained national attention for its excessive binge drinking and debauchery, but some students say there really is no place for the drunken mess that this Baylor holiday once was.

"I saw a guy in 2012 fall and break a bunch of bones in his face and it is just like we don't need that. That is stupid and that is irresponsible," Baylor senior Cathryn Edwards said.

This year, Waco police have increased their patrols significantly. Starting at 8 a.m. Thursday morning, Waco police set up a mobile command center off of 12th and Speight and 50 officers have been circulating the area between 9th St. and 12th St. all day. They are making sure students are safe from each other and from themselves.

Police say they still want the students to enjoy their day off, but in a responsible manner.

"No underage drinking, no over drinking if they are 21 and above. Keep the traffic flowing, keep the streets open, don't have any unauthorized fires, and they are so far so good. We are are really proud of the Baylor students and the way they have conducted themselves today," Waco police spokesman Patrick Swanton said.

Students say they like that there are more police keeping the crowds under control and that the communication between students and police have helped keep the parties going.

"They have worked with us really well and we really appreciate it. This is kind of the first year that we have had good communication with them. In the past there has been a little conflict and stuff like that. This has really been a good year for us. We plan on having a good time tonight," Baylor senior Zachary Martinez said.

"I think that is what it should be. Is them knowing that we are being responsible right now and trying to help them out so they don't have to sit there and give us citations. So I love to be able to talk to them like humans," Baylor senior Nicole Wagoner said.

Police have not had any problems, but they say they know of another off campus party that is happening outside the city limits. They say they are going to stay in the area for most of the evening and make sure all the activities are under control.
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