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Community Gathers to Remember Fallen Heroes

KILLEEN, TX (KXXV) - A tragedy leaves residents shocked and devastated, but two services Friday afternoon brought the community together.

Nearly a hundred people came to Lions Park in Killeen for a tribute flag walk at 6:00. Each person carried a flag and walked nearly a mile of sidewalk to honor the fallen, their families, and those still recovering.

"In honor of the fallen and to make a statement," Trisha Chance said after being asked why she came to the walk. She also says she came for her husband.

"My husband was on post when the shootings went down, he was actually just one road up from where the shootings happened," Chance said. "Everybody seems to get together in a tragedy, we're all here to help each other."

"It's a way to show these families and those victims or those that may be impacted by this tragedy to show them that there really is a community backing them," organizer John Stasulli said.
At 7:00, a small church wanted to show the town they care as well. So the New Hope 7th Day Adventist church in Killeen held a vigil. Members sang psalms and prayed for the fallen and their families.

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