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Belton man wants to turn historic home into haunted bed and breakfast

BELTON, TX (KXXV) - A local paranormal investigations group wants to turn the historic Wedemeyer Academy in Belton into a haunted bed and breakfast.

Will Light is the founder of Light Paranormal Investigations, and says he has been collecting evidence in the home that sits on 9th St.

“The history of the place, a lot of people in town don’t realize the history of this place,” says Light.

The Wedemeyer Academy was an all boys school in the late 1800’s.  Some graduates of the academy went on to become state politicians, and army generals.  The home also survived a period of time called “Bloody Bell County,” because of the frequent bloodshed.

Light says the history of the home encouraged him to invite other paranormal investigation teams check out the house.

“Every one of them has walked away with really great evidence.”

The home tours became popular, so he filed to change the zoning for the home from residential to commercial. However, he was turned down from both the zoning and planning commission and city council.

“What the council said is that this is a neighborhood with homes in it, and they want it to remain a neighborhood with homes,” said city official Paul Romer.

Light says he was disappointed.

“Our thoughts were well rounded, you know. And honestly we didn’t expect to get turned down you know at the zoning commission,” explains Light.

Light says his group planned to keep the home residential, and just turn the home into a small venue.

 “We thought ‘Wow.’ You know, they were so stuck on the paranormal end of it.  And I guess that kind of scares people.”

He says the property is perfect for a haunted bed and breakfast or wedding venue.

Light invited News Channel 25 to check out the Wedemeyer Academy to see if there were spirits in the home.

He says he invites everyone to experience the home for himself or herself.
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