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Murder suspect's ex-girlfriend testifies in second day of trial

BELL COUNTY, TX (KXXV) - The jury heard explosive testimony from Cliffton Montague's ex-girlfriend, Trina Ware, during the second day Montague's murder trial. She said he admitted to her that he shot Latternace Newsome shortly after the shooting happened and then left the gun with her before fleeing the scene.

Ware was unable to travel due to her pregnancy, but she electronically testified from New York where she now resides.

During the prosecution’s questioning, Ware changed her story that she told police he never came to her apartment after Newsome had been shot.

This came after the state promised her immunity in return for the true story. She now says Montague did in fact come to her home saying, “I shot him,” and asking her to take the murder weapon. After Montague left the weapon with her, Ware says she took it and threw it over her backyard fence.

After her testimony, the defense brought Ware’s credibility into question, revealing she suffered from bipolar disorder and anxiety, in addition to PTSD. She is apparently off her medications due to her pregnancy.

Complicating the case, Ware allegedly admitted she was smoking marijuana with a friend and was high when the incident took place.

A Killeen PD officer also testified that Newsome and several others were at Montague’s home for his birthday party.
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