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Troy woman recovering after being hit by semi truck

TROY, TX (KXXV) - We have an update on a courageous young woman from Troy.  Earlier this month, Maurissa Rodriguez was hit by a semi truck while trying to help another driver in a wreck on I-35.  She was hospitalized in critical condition.  Two weeks later, she's back home.

Her husband Austin Lokey says, ""I'm surprised she's doing as well as she is."

"Everyone is," Maurissa adds.

Austin witnessed the crash.  He says, "I jumped out of the car and I screamed her name and found her and she was by the back of the car.
It looked pretty bad. She was bleeding and not moving and not responsive."

Maurissa doesn't remember being hit and can barely recall anything from her time in the hospital.  She underwent multiple surgeries to repair broken bones and damaged organs.  Although Maurissa's hospital stay was short, she has a long road of recovery ahead of her.

Because of a brain injury, her head constantly aches, she can barely walk, her vision is blurry and she can't taste or smell anything.  But you'd never know it.

Austin says, "She doesn't want to be like those people who sit there and feel sorry for themselves.  It happened and I'm going to get stronger because of it."
In fact, Maurissa's complaint is that she can't hold her 9-month-old daughter Lillyann.

Maurissa says, "I can't be a mom right now, but I still get to see her and she's still here so I'm good. He's still here. I'm still alive."

Maurissa is expected to make a full recovery.  Doctors just aren't sure how long that will take.  
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