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Identity theft could be behind recent post office break-ins


Stealing mail is a felony but that didn't stop the burglars who broke into several post offices in Central Texas this weekend. But it's not just your money they're after; they may also want your identity. 

Mail boxes at five more local post offices were burglarized over the weekend. Investigators think they could be connected to the string of drop box burglaries throughout our area over the past few months.

Your mail is full of sensitive information like bills and bank statements making the post office a target for box drop bandits.    

Cameron's Police Chief Randy Dixon says he believes he knows what they're after.

"Through the post office there are so many different avenues in which people can utilize and do identity theft. I think identity theft is the bottom line for many of these," says Chief Dixon.

Over the weekend post offices in Milano, Rogers, Buckholts, Rockdale and Cameron were broken into. Chief Dixon says these are just the latest in a growing list of drop box burglaries.

"I think it's the same people doing it from all of them. They're going right down major highways 36, 77 and just stopping off," says Dixon. "I feel certain it's going to be somebody that lives in this area that knows this area."

Burglars got away with packages and mail from post offices in Lampasas, Salado and Hillsboro in January. Dixon says it could be just a matter of time before it happens again.

 "Unless we can curtail this and find out who's doing this, I would expect some of the rural areas to be hit as well," says Dixon.    

U.S. Postal Service Inspector Michael Sullivan says these cases are getting more attention from investigators. He says they have "overt and covert security in place", though so far no arrests have been made.

"We have no leads, we have no information; so it's really like a needle in a haystack," says Dixon.

Because these break-ins are happening at post offices there's not much you can do to protect yourself but Chief Dixon did say to make sure you have all packages delivered to a secure location and make sure to check your mail as often as possible.

Inspector Sullivan says this is an ongoing investigation and they hope to get it resolved soon.

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