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Oglesby holds annual Rattlesnake Roundup


Rattler season is around the corner, just in time for the Oglesby's Lion's Club annual Rattlesnake Roundup.

People crowded around a pit of snakes to watch rattlesnake handlers demonstrate dangerous stunts in the roundup's 45th year. 

Snake handler Jackie Bibby has been bitten 12 times and even had his lower leg amputated. He says everyone is interested in snakes because they are mysterious.

"Some of the snakes are venomous and can cause a great deal of harm," says Bibby. "But even the people who are afraid of snakes will still come out and see what we do because their curious."

As part of their shows, the handlers educate people on what to do if they ever encounter one.

"The best thing to do is to be still. Snakes will bite for two reasons, fear and food. You're too big for him to eat so if you don't scare him, he won't strike at you," says Bibby.  

Bibby says if you stay still, they'll usually go away or give you time to get away.   

Roundup goers even got a little taste of some rattlers with some fried snake.

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