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18-Wheeler Tire Bursts Through Home

EVANT, TX (KXXV) - A woman's living room was ripped to shreds after an 18-wheeler's tire burst though their wall.

The homeowner said the Gatesville Sheriff's Department arrived at the scene and believe the tire flew out from a truck speeding along the nearby highway.

No one was injured according to Della Lopez, mother of four, who was woken up by the explosion around 3 a.m. Monday morning.

Lopez added that it was a close call for her two sons.

"I heard a big explosion, we got up and my son, the oldest, was already out the door. We were looking for a car because that's what we thought it was," she said.

“I had two of my children sleeping in the living room and if  it [the tire] wouldn't have it that curb thing, it would have went straight to where they were at."

After an hour of trying to figure out what happened, Lopez's sister and son spotted the tire on the other side of the fence.

Lopez said authorities arrived at the scene and that's when they learned the tire crashed through the neighboring fence, hit a curbside and bounced upward into the kitchen's wall.

Later, Lopez's sister spotted damage to a nearby gas station.

It had appeared another 18-wheeler tire crashed through the gas station's garage door.  The tire was still near the doorway.

The sheriff's department told her there was not much they could do without more information.  

Lopez does not have homeowner's insurance and she will pay for these damages out of her own pocket.

Their home sits off of the intersection of highway 281 and highway 84 in Evant.

Neighbors say it's not uncommon for speeding or accidents to happen along that road.

They want more police present in that area to prevent accidents from reoccurring.

Editor's note: It was later discovered that DPS responded to the truck driver's incident and have their information.
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