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Waco home burglarized during daytime, suspects still at large


It's a situation no homeowner would want to walk into, especially an elder. A home trashed and ransacked in the middle of the day.

Waco homeowner, Lila Markovitz, says something felt different this Tuesday before she left to go bowling with her friends.

"I had a hunch not to because the weather was bad...wish I had," Markovitz said.

The 88-year-old says she was gone for about three hours, and when she returned she realized her home had been attacked by thieves.

"Everything was ransacked. The closets were all torn apart. Every door was open," Markovitz said.

The crooks had broken in through her garage and searched the home. They took valuable items such as a TV, digital camera, and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. But the thieves also managed to find a load pistol Markovitz had hidden in her home.

"I had a gun and I know how to use it. I did had a permit at one time, and I know how to use it, but of course I wasn't here to use it," Markovitz.

The suspects did also manage to break into a shed in the backyard and a trailer that belonged to her son, but Markovitz couldn't tell if anything was stolen in either storage units. She says the thieves didn't take anything that she deemed irreplaceable, but they did take away her peace of mind.

"Well it is the fact that I feel violated and I stayed here by myself last night. It does upset you," Markovitz said.

She says her home is always well secure, ever since her husband died a few years ago. Markovitz knows things like this do happen no matter how secure you think your home is. She is thankful that she wasn't in the home to experience it in person.

Police say daytime burglaries are a normal occurrence, and think a community effort is the best way to fight this kind of crime.

"If you see a car in your neighborhood, you hadn't noticed before that looks like it is just loitering, hanging around," Waco police spokesman Patrick Swanton said. "Call in let us come out and check on it."

Police are still investigating the crime, and Markovitz says even though the theft happened in broad daylight the thieves managed to break in unnoticed. She says the only neighbor who would have had a clear vantage point of the burglars was not home at the time of the act.

Markovitz hopes that more people are aware of crimes like this, and encourages them to be on the look out.

"I feel like people need to know that they did it in broad open daylight from 12:30 to 3...3:30. They came over in broad open daylight and took their time. Doing what ever they were going to do...so that is kind of dangerous," Markovitz said.

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